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Historical Highway Marker

Coming into Northumberland County from the Warsaw direction, between Village and Callao marker 0-72 is on your right at Owl Town Road next to the pond at Bethany Baptist Church.--

This was unveiled and dedicated on June 4, 2016. 

Lively Hope Baptist

On 360 turn back toward Warsaw and make a right on 600 and immediately right on 619.  The church will be on your right--

He was one of the founders in 1880. His son Cary became the first pastor.

Zion Church Lottsburg

Return to 360.  Continue through Callao (making a sharp right to remain on 360) to Lottsburg.  The church is on your left--

He became their first pastor in 1867 and was there 25 years, leading the building of their first house of worship.  Services were lively.  Prayer meetings lasted for days.  And people got “happy in the Lord”.

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Holley School

Continue 2 doors past the church to--

The school originally used the Zion Church building.  Stop in the museum and see the exhibit on Rev. Nutt.

The Coan River

Continue on 360 to 612-Forrest Landing Rd. and turn left to see where he was--

Rev. Paymus Nutt was baptized in the Coan River at Barnes Landing September 21, 1838--by Coan Baptist Church.  Shortly thereafter he was one of the slave members of the church.

Coan Baptist Church

Return to and cross 360.  Continue on Coan Stage Road to--

Built by slaves in 1846.  The sanctuary is still in use.  Go in and feel the Spirit.  As a slave, “Perimus” was valued as a carpenter at $1,100 (in 1852).

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Hill Valley Plantation

Return to 360.  Continue to Heathsville.  At the intersection veer right onto Courthouse Road.  In about a block you will see gate posts for Hill Valley Road on your right --

Where he was enslaved is no longer visible.  He was owned by Thomas S. Sydnor and then the Sydnor children until the Civil War earned his freedom.  All 6 of Rev. Nutt’s children were born in slavery and lived here.  Their mother was Dianah who was a midwife.

Homeplace of Alexander Day

If you wish, continue on Courthouse Road (or for a shorter trip return to 360 and proceed to site #10).  Just before Indian Creek Road a lane on the right goes to the --

The homeplace of Alexander Day was the location of the tree where the first meeting of First Baptist Church was held.

First Baptist Church

Continue on Courthouse Road to Knights Run intersection wqhere the road almost runs into the church --

See the great church of today which he helped start as their first deacon in 1866.  In 1892 he helped them build their first church building near a large brush arbor which they used for August revival.

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Shiloh Baptist Church's Original Home

Return to Heathsville.  Turn right at the intersection to continue on 360.  Just before Burgess, turn left on Hacks Neck Road.  The first road going right turns into Gonyon.

At the end of the block on your right, not visible in the trees—

This was the old county road and the site of a preaching station (outdoor platform) that had been used for many years by traveling preachers of different denominations.  When Shiloh bought the property from Fairfields Baptist they had already built a house of worship on it.

Shiloh Baptist Church

Continue on Folly Road to 360.  Across 360 you will see a church and school building to your left.  This is --

Rev. Nutt was ordained here in 1867 and served as their first minister—an interim pastor for 10 years while they sent one of their young men to seminary.  This church is noted for educational work—preschool, summer enrichment, the first Rosenwald High School for African Americans, and then an extension center for Virginia University of Lynchburg where students could earn a bachelor’s degree.


His first wedding was performed in 1866 for a couple who were founders of Shiloh—Moses Cockrell and Francis Hudnall.  He performed about 154 marriages during his life.

Now imagine that you had to walk or ride a mule to these sites!

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