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Zion Baptist Church

Prior to the Civil War, slaves for the Lottsburg community were allowed to worship at Coan Baptist Church. After the conclusion of the war, Coan church  officials had difficulty implanting many of the freedoms that slaves had acquired. The idea that the displaced Negros would find a place of worship was brought forth and carried out. A piece of land on which to build a church was purchase from a landowner names Claiborne. This church was a mere brush harbor and became Zion Baptist Church.  Rev. Paymus Nutt was the first clergyman to serve as pastor.


Other Reverends serving Zion Church were: Charles Russ, E.R. Jackson, John Walker, J.W. Tynes, L.C. Newman, Rev. Bryant, H.C. Roane, Morris Samuel, Wendell Russell, and Robert C. Hoban.


During the years between Rev. Nutt and Rev. Tynes a permanent structure was build to replace the lean to . During the administration of Rev. Newman, the idea of present church was conceived. The church built and now houses the present day congregation.


Our current Pastor, Apostle John H. Bibbens is the twelfth shepherd of Zion Baptist Church of Lottsburg since its origin in 1867. He has been given several visions which have manifested (1) Church transportation-3 vans have been purchased, (2) an expansion of the building:2 story addition to existing structure which include a fellowship hall, office, classrooms, and a computer lab, (3)paving of the parking lot, and (4) church preservation: additional land purchase.


Throughout the history of Zion Baptist Church Lottsburg, Westmoreland County has contributed to the spiritual guidance of its worshipers. Three of the former shepherds were from the sister and Apostle Bibbens is the forth.


Many changes have taken place  at Zion to include the name on sign bears the name Zion Church Lottsburg. The most exciting addition is  Zion Fredericksburg which was found in June 2012.  It resides at 2222 Jefferson-Davis Highway in Fredericksburg. The 2 churches boast of being “ One church at 2 locations”. Both churches conduct two services. Zion Lottsburg worships at 8 am and 11am, while Zion Fredericksburg worships at 11am and 5pm.

The information on this page was submitted by Zion Baptist Church.

Old Zion Church Lottsburg
Zion Church Today
Notes found in the 1892 ledger of the church -- a note slipped in about 1911
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